6.5.5: Provide Emergency Traveler Information

This process shall provide emergency information to the traveler information system with region-specific data, including major emergencies such as a natural or manmade disaster, civil emergency, child abductions, severe weather watches and warnings, military activities, law enforcement warnings, and the current status of the transportation system. The output of the information can be either part of the normal dissemination of traveler information or in support of special wide-area alert notifications. This process shall provide outputs to travelers using a kiosk, their own personal computing device, an in-vehicle unit, field equipment for distribution to vehicles, or a telecommunications based traveler information system (e.g. 511-type services). Traveler requests received by the process shall be used to sort and filter the information. Traveler information may also be distributed to travelers at evacuation shelters. An interface to the transportation information center operator is maintained to allow the operator to set the parameters for the dissemination of the emergency information. This process shall accept user profile information to facilitate the information output to travelers.

This process is associated with the Transportation Information Center physical object.

This process is associated with the following functional objects:

This process is associated with the following data flows: