Provide Driver Guidance Interface

This process shall provide a user interface for the vehicle's driver through which route guidance is provided. Three types of route guidance provided by other processes shall be supported by this process (dynamic infrastructure based, autonomous with infrastructure data update, and autonomous). The process shall enable input by the driver of the type of guidance required, the data from which the route is to be determined and output of the resulting route. The process shall not provide on-line guidance until the route has been accepted by the driver. For those forms of guidance that require an on-board map database, the process shall provide an interface through which the driver may obtain and pay for an initial copy of the database plus updates when needed. The process shall support inputs from the driver in either manual or audio form, and shall provide its outputs in audible or visual forms. It shall enable the visual output to a display. The output shall not impair the driver's ability to control the vehicle in a safe manner.

This process is associated with the Light Vehicle OBE physical object.

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