8.1: Get Archive Data

This process shall collect data from each major function within ITS and external sources for archive purposes that may not exist within current ITS data sources. This process shall respond to requests from the Manage Archive Data Administrator Interface process to import data or data catalogs. This process shall send requests for data or a catalog of available data to the other functions and terminators, either a subscription for data or a one-time request. This process shall receive meta-data along with the data to describe the conditions under which the data was collected or any other information about the operational data. When data is received this process shall perform quality checks such as range validation or reformat the data as necessary to meet the archive schema. This process shall execute methods on the incoming data such as cleansing, summarizations, aggregations, or transformations applied to the data before it is stored in the archive. Any changes made to the data shall be recorded in the meta-data stored in the archive to assist in the reconstruction of the original data if possible. This process shall receive inputs from the Manage Archive Data Administrator Interface that contain the parameters for managing the processing on the data. This process forwards the collected onto the Manage Archive function along with updated meta-data and a record of any methods applied to the incoming data. This process shall also support the notification of the operational source functions of any errors that may be present in the data that could be caused by equipment failures or a transmission error.

This process is associated with the Archived Data System physical object.

This process is associated with the following functional objects:

This process is associated with the following data flows: