6.2.5: Collect Situation and Sensor Data From Vehicles

This process shall collect environmental and traffic data from vehicles that provide network users with an understanding of the situation in which the vehicles are operating. Data quality checks shall be performed on all collected data. The environmental data (such as measured air and surface temperature, exterior light status, wiper status, sun sensor status, rain sensor status, traction control status, Antilock Brake System (ABS) status, and snapshots of recent events include ABS activations, etc.) and traffic situation data (e.g., vehicle identifier, vehicle speed, heading and snapshots of recent events including starts and stops, speed changes, etc.) will be sourced from vehicle-based sensors or vehicle control systems. The environmental and traffic data will be aggregated by this process with measurements from other vehicles, producing one set of environmental and traffic data. Traffic data in particular will be additionally aggregated with traffic data from electronic toll collection operations and transit vehicles. When any of the data is provided in analog form, the process shall convert it to digital form and calibrate it. The process shall provide all of the received information to the System Operator Interface process and receive the data collection parameters (to define exactly what data shall be retrieved as a result of each request) from the operator interface process.

This process is associated with the Transportation Information Center physical object.

This process is associated with the following functional objects:

This process is associated with the following data flows: