2.5.5: Manage Commercial Vehicle and Driver Credentials and Enrollment

This process shall be responsible for enabling commercial vehicle fleet managers and drivers (who are owners) to enroll the electronic credentials for their vehicles. This enrollment data shall be downloaded to the commercial vehicle roadside checkstation and border crossing facilities by another process. When the roadside facility is located in the area not served by the local Manage Commercial Vehicles function, the process sends the data to another process that is responsible for communicating with a similar function in other geographic and/or jurisdictional areas. The process shall also be able to accept commercial vehicle enrollment requests from similar functions in other areas, query enforcement agency databases for outstanding prosecutions, and validate the selected route based on transportation asset restrictions (height, width, weight). This process shall be able to respond to requests for information from authorized entities, such as insurance underwriters. The process shall be able to accept border clearance information to support clearance at international borders. This process shall also provide local route restrictions data to remote administration functions, and shall receive remote route restrictions information for local administration usage. It shall also provide the combined route restrictions information to traveler information providers, Map Update Systems and local fleet management usage.

This process is associated with the Commercial Vehicle Administration Center physical object.

This process is associated with the following functional objects:

This process is associated with the following data flows: