Physical Object: Maint and Constr Management Center

MCM Infrastructure Monitoring


'MCM Infrastructure Monitoring' monitors the condition of pavement, bridges, tunnels, associated hardware, and other transportation-related infrastructure (e.g., culverts). It monitors the infrastructure, collecting data from both fixed and vehicle-based sensors. In addition to specialized infrastructure monitoring sensors, it also monitors the broader population of equipped vehicles for vertical acceleration data and other situation data that may be used to determine current pavement condition.

This functional object is included in the "Maint and Constr Management Center" physical object.

This functional object is included in the following service packages:

This functional object is mapped to the following Functional View PSpecs:


# Requirement
01 The center shall remotely control and collect data from fixed infrastructure monitoring sensors that monitor vibration, stress, temperature, surface continuity, and other condition measures.
02 The center shall monitor maintenance vehicle-based mobile sensors and data logging devices that collect information on current infrastructure conditions.
03 The center shall remotely collect data from vehicle probes using short range communications equipment and process this data to identify potential pavement degradation, potholes, and other rough or adverse road surface conditions.
04 The center shall process the collected infrastructure information and use it to monitor the condition of pavement, bridges, tunnels, associated hardware, and other transportation-related infrastructure.
05 The center shall collect current maintenance and repair needs from the asset management system and correlate this data with data collected through infrastructure monitoring systems.
06 The center shall provide current infrastructure conditions information to the asset management system.
07 The center shall report infrastructure repair needs to the maintenance center personnel.
08 The center shall accept maintenance/construction vehicle operational data from maintenance/construction vehicles.


The following table lists the standards associated with the functional object itself (as opposed to standards associated with an interface).

Name Title
NEMA TS 8 Cyber and Physical Security Cyber and Physical Security for Intelligent Transportation Systems