This data flow contains surface transportation related forecasts of weather variables, including temperature (surface and pavement), pressure, wind speed, wind direction, humidity, precipitation, roadway visibility, and pavement conditions as well as forecast data attributes. This data flow also contains surface transportation specific advisories for weather related events. The weather forecasts are classified by meteorological scales, each of which cover a range of time and a range of space. The scales are micro (timescale of minutes and horizontal scale of meters), miso (timescale of minutes to an hour before the event and horizontal scale of meters to a kilometer), meso (timescale of several hours before an event and horizontal scale of one to 100 kilometers), synoptic (a timescale of 12 hour to several day horizon and a horizontal scale of 100 to 5000 kilometers) and climatic (a timescale beyond synoptic and a horizontal scale greater than 5000 kilometers). This data flow consists of the following data items each of which is defined in its own DDE:

+ miso_scale_surface_trans_weather_forecasts
+ meso_scale_surface_trans_weather_forecasts
+ synoptic_scale_surface_trans_weather_forecasts
+ climatic_scale_surface_trans_weather_forecasts
+ surface_trans_weather_scale_forecast_data_attributes

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