Performance Measure

Time from beginning of weather event to posting of traveler information on agency website.

Associated Objectives

Reduce time to alert travelers of travel weather impacts (using variable message signs, 511, road weather information systems, public information broadcasts, the agency's website, Web 2.0 technologies, etc.) by X (time period or percent) in Y years.

Service Packages that Support the Performance Measure

CVO10-Road Weather Information for Freight Carriers
VS07-Road Weather Motorist Alert and Warning
VS08-Queue Warning
VS10-Restricted Lane Warnings
WX03-Spot Weather Impact Warning
TI07-In-Vehicle Signage
SU04-Map Management
TM06-Traffic Information Dissemination
WX01-Weather Data Collection
WX02-Weather Information Processing and Distribution
TI01-Broadcast Traveler Information
TI02-Personalized Traveler Information
WX04-Roadway Micro-Prediction

Associated Goals

Achieve a significant reduction in congestion
Achieve a significant reduction in traffic fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads
Enhance the integration and connectivity of the transportation system

Planning Factors

B. Increase the safety of the transportation system for motorized and nonmotorized users;
D. Increase the accessibility and mobility of people and for freight;
F. Enhance the integration and connectivity of the transportation system, across and between modes, for people and freight;


Planning for Operations Desk Reference