Travel Weather Management: Road Weather Information System Coverage (Objective Category)

The intent is to increase coverage of the road system with weather sensors and communications systems. This approach can be applied to the transit system and has the potential for application to regional bicycle facilities.

Associated Objectives and Performance Measures

Objective Performance Measure
Increase the percent of major road network (or transit network or regional bicycle network) covered by weather sensors or a road weather information system (RWIS) by X percent in Y years as defined by an RWIS station within Z miles. Percent of major road (transit or bicycle) network within Z miles of an RWIS station.

Associated Planning Factors and Goals

Planning Factor Goal
D. Increase the accessibility and mobility of people and for freight; Achieve a significant reduction in congestion

Associated Service Packages

Service Package
CVO10: Road Weather Information for Freight Carriers
VS07: Road Weather Motorist Alert and Warning
WX01: Weather Data Collection
WX02: Weather Information Processing and Distribution
WX03: Spot Weather Impact Warning
WX04: Roadway Micro-Prediction


Planning for Operations Desk Reference

Since the mapping between objectives and service packages is not always straight-forward and often situation-dependent, these mappings should only be used as a starting point. Users should do their own analysis to identify the best service packages for their region.