Evaluate Strategies

Using the Service Packages as a menu of ITS strategies, a region can select the strategies (Service Packages) that yield the most promising benefit at the lowest cost. Note that Version 8 has added a number of Connected Vehicle specific service packages. Regions should examine these new service packages to identify those that might address regional goals and objectives, adding them to the Regional ITS Architecture One of the key challenges facing ITS has historically been the difficulty in estimating benefits. The situation is improving with an increasing archive of data from around the country and promising new tools. In Version 8.0 of the Architecture Reference for Cooperative and Intelligent Transportation (ARC-IT), each of the Service Packages is linked to the ITS Applications of the ITS Knowledge Resources, providing direct access to a database of more than 20 years of ITS deployment information including costs, benefits, and lessons learned. Visit the ITS Knowledge Resources for more information on the benefits, costs, and lessons learned associated with ITS applications.